UX Design + Pharmacy

means no more hard-to-swallow pills or gross-tasting drinks.

Introducing - Twi Pods

Funded by the National Science Foundation.

These coffee pods are packed with vitamins & minerals that keep your brain healthy.

Also, they’re delicious.

Origin Story

Kauffman Foundation asks Dr. Owusu-Ofori to make medicine for people like coders make apps for phones.

Our Team

There’s me, and two of my best friends - Dr. Amy Chung and Dr. Joseph Ewoodzie. I’m really glad to have them by my side as we design cool ways to improve your health.

Dr. Kwadwo Owusu-Ofori
Dr. Amy Chung
Dr. Joseph Ewoodzie
UX Design for Integrative Medicine

Follow the Journey…

to improve medicine with UX design.

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