A life-changing visit to Google.

I was fresh out of school and won the opportunity of a lifetime - a Fellowship with the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship.

They brought in expert leaders from Harvard and Stanford to teach a small group of scientists and engineers how to build great products and great companies.

A LEAN Startup.

We worked with Steve Blank (creator of LEAN Startup) to design a healthcare company that creates medicine for the human body like coders create apps for mobile phones.

A very cool product.

Four years and dozens of prototypes later, we launched Twi Pods! Delicious eco-friendly K-cups that prevent anxiety and improve mental health.

Don’t Worry. Twi Happy :-)

Our Mission is simply to create awesome products that help people get better.

Twi Pods are the first products created with our award-winning design process. This work was funded by the National Science Foundation.

Join the Journey.

Next step. Clinical trials. Interested?

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