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Scientists can make medicine like coders make apps.

We’re using our UX design theories to tackle some of the world’s most common chronic illnesses. We want to make products that help physcians use integrative medicine to help their patients get better. This section should be geared towards phycisians. Integrative medicine for intergrative people. We are very excited to launch our first product Twi Pods on Amazon last year. Using this process allowed us to talk with several type of people. We tap into known literature and previous beliefs in order to innovate “beyond the pill” and look for ways for someone to manage a chronic illness.

Rememver - it is not our intention to sell products to the people that ened them its our intention to sell products to people that believe what we believe. This is for healthcare peple and enthusiasts that believe what we believe. Our target audience is people who are personally / professionally affected by a chronic illness.

Anxiety & Depression

The first illness is anxiety, with over 250million people world-wide struggling with a clinically-diagnosed anxiety disorder. We created Twi Pods with funding from the National Science Foundation. We found hat many physcians we unsatisfied with the options that they have for anxiety, and that many of these drugs have side-effects. Our goal was to create a product that can work with out without drugs so that psychiatrists can continue their standard of care, and psychologists can provide something for psychotherapy that will help increase the value of the session. The mood is important in psychotherapy, and coffee and hot chocolate are usually offered. Imagine what could happen in a therapy session if people calmed down in 5 minutes instead of 15minutes. Imagine what could happen in a Yoga session if you were releaxed in 5 minutes instead of 15-minutes. Set expectations.

Pain & Inflammation

While he was in graduate school, Kwadwo worked on pain & inflammation. He discovered some key findings that can help people with kidney stone disease. Now he wants to use these findings to fight pain and inflammation altogether. Pain & Inflammation seem to come along with anxiety disorders, and auto-immune diseases. We aim to look for ways to prevent pain from happening by having a daily drink or snack that can be used to keep you feeling good and pain-free. Set expectations.

Auto-immune Disease

Several of Kwadwo’s friends and family have been diagnosed with an auto-iummune disease. And many customers of Twi Pods and earlier versions were using the products to manage anxiety associated with having an auto-immune disease, or their kid’s having one. These diseases are very tough because we’re still in the beginning stages of characterizing or studying the immune system. That is why computer-aided drug design will be needed to battle this diseases. Set expectations.

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