The non-drowsy, multi-symptom anxiety relief of Twi Mocha Latte
empowers you to enjoy your day.
Product Details
Delicious Ghanaian Mocha Latte
Delicious Ghanaian Mocha Latte
Award-winning gourmet mocha latte fortified with Magnesium, GABA, L-theanine, to support a healthy mind
Non-Dairy. Gluten-Free. Low Sugar.

Easy to recycle. Our eco-friendly biodegradable pods are compatible with all Keurig Coffee Brewers.

Temporarily relieves anxiety symptoms:
  • Racing thoughts
  • Concentration issues
  • Excessive Worry
  • Muscle Soreness
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Product Reviews
“As someone who suffers from anxiety, I really like the idea of a cup of coffee that helps me focus while being calming. Not only does it seem to work, it is very yummy, with a smooth, rich flavor. Two thumbs up!”

— Ane
LOVE this! More importantly, helps me stay FOCUSED, keeps my energy up without giving me anxiety. Plus, this is also eco-friendly. Highly recommend this especially for coffee drinkers who get anxiety with their coffee but want to stay focused.”

— Manji
“Love, love, love. This product tastes just like a latte you would get from your favorite cafe but way healthier! Shared these with some friends and everyone asked me where to buy them! They’re a hit!”

— Abigail

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